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Song Title: little bit of POWER

Song Theme: Man vs. Machine

Nathan Jurries

Kansas City, MO

Major: Songwriting

Year of Graduation:  2021

Artist, singer-songwriter, and producer from Kansas City, Missouri. Nathan has performed in live-looping solo sets and in group collaborations, starting in middle school. 

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

I chose to convey Man vs. Machine by focusing on the economic inequalities prevalent in the United States. With the incremental decay of our democracy through voting suppression, it has become apparent that the real decision-making is done by those with deep pockets and selfish motives. I started with a sample of a street drummer in the Financial District in Boston, where he screams out, "Yes! I made some money!" upon receiving a tip. The juxtaposition of the artist, banging away at various plastic buckets and metal sheets, next to the enormous wealth of this district and its inhabitants was striking. This sample was the starting point for the vibe of this track and is used throughout. I also included a vocal sample of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2020 democratic primary debates, where he called out certain candidates for their billionaire and corporate donors. "Maybe it's time for the working class of this country to have a little bit of power." This is where I got the title and the inspiration for my MC to expand on the subject. Overall, I made this track heavy-hitting, in-your-face, and unapologetic. The aggression in my MC's delivery perfectly represented the resentment and injustice many Americans feel towards our government. I intend to make listeners aware of our situation, encourage them to hold elected officials accountable to their constituents, and get involved in local elections and their community.

How did this project impact you?

This project greatly expanded my knowledge and appreciation of Hip-Hop and its diverse history and culture. Working with my MC and collaborating with my classmates gave me a sense of community during a time of isolation, and I am very grateful for those experiences.

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