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Song Title: Struggle Sound


Justin Cruz

Providence, RI

Major: Music Education

Year of Graduation:  2020

I'm a 22-year-old saxophone player from Rhode Island. I grew up with Hip-Hop from an early age; it's one of the largest musical influences in my life.

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

The song was written about our experiences when developing our music. We talk about the different obstacles around us, like the people and the environment we were in who have disrupted our growth. The production reflects the Hip-Hop aspects I grew up with, such as boom-bap and sampling.

How did this project impact you?

This project allowed me to reflect on myself and how I create my music. It allowed me to focus more on connecting the intention and meaning to my production, lyrics, and more. It was a long process that has changed my outlook on myself and how I define myself as an individual.

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