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Song Title: ThirtyFive

Song Theme: Identity; Origin Story

Harrison Acosta

Orlando, FL

Major: Contemporary Writing and Production 

Year of Graduation:  2023 

Music Educator. Composer. Producer. Harrison Acosta works as an established vocal clinician and arranger around the country. His sound has been depicted as a product of his diverse orchestral and choral experiences- a mystical and cinematic blend.

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

Our production abstractly supports the co-writer's journey (Myself, Michael, and Beka) in finding themselves as musicians. Sonically inspired by a cross-country move through inclement weather, our individual experiences color the production in taking the next step to craft our identity, most recently, after graduating from our first degrees and leaving our former band.

How did this project impact you?

This project allowed me to craft my sound. It was an enriching, significant experience that has allowed me to dive into the hip-hop culture and share with my creators. I've learned an immense amount and am excited to continue learning from and sharing with the community.

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