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Song Title: Get Up

Song Theme: Origin Story

Hao Yan

Boston, MA

Major: Contemporary Writing & Production; Professional Music 

Year of Graduation:  2022

Hao Yan is a Chinese musician who is dual majoring in CWP and Pro Music in Berklee. He endeavors to sing, write, and produce music as a musician and strives to be an excellent dancer and performer.

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

The theme of this song is about me getting bullied when I was a child and how I got through those ups and downs in my life. I chose to use rap to express my angriness, sadness, forgiveness, etc. For production-wise, I’m leaning on the side of acoustic to give it more organic, bare, and sincere feelings.

How did this project impact you?

It made me retrospect on my past to discover the origins of my insecurity and released and healed myself.

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