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Song Title: SNYTAX

Song Theme: Identity

Aneris Rivera Wagner

Buffalo, NY

Major: Songwriting

Year of Graduation:  2022

Producer, MC, and Songwriter. Arizona Iced Tea Enthusiast.

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

Lyrically, the song reflects my interests, hobbies, and inspirations. Each verse is Chock full of references and imagery that when strung together start to paint a picture of who and I am and how I act. As far as production, the beat is made within the vein of the grimy boom bap style heavily prevalent in the up-and-coming Buffalo hip hop scene. 

How did this project impact you?

It has been beyond inspiring that a professor believed in me and my talents enough to put something like this together. It still doesn’t feel quite real yet, but I’m so excited for the outcome! 

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