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Song Title: Walking By Faith

Song Theme: Identity

Ally Evans

Dallas, TX

Major: Songwriting 

Year of Graduation:  2021

Ally is a Dallas-based Songwriter/Producer who works with other artists who want to target emotional trauma and the emotional outlets to that trauma. She believes that music is a way to release any heavy burden weighing on one's shoulders.

How is your theme reflected in  your song or production?

Religion is such as strong subject to write and produce. The theme is reflected production-wise by the feeling of being in church while having those hip-hip elements. The writing is all about being in the church and that chase to God while dealing with the earthly things

How did this project impact you?

It made me think, people crave this perfect christlike environment but, perfection is impossible. They should crave and find God within themselves before devoting their time to find the perfect place to fellowship with people.

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